The members of the IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors) share the belief that well control is the most critical area for safe and successful operations in the construction of an oil or gas well, since what is sought among others things is the decrease of the NPT (Nonproductive Times) and the operational success doing work more efficiently and safely. In this sense, all personnel involved in the operation of drilling a well must be certified in a Well Control program.
Recently, the IADC has launched a new well control standard, WellSharp ™. This standard is designed for all those employees who deal with the drilling of oil or gas wells. This standard offers a reliable set of well closures procedure regulations applying global training standards for the drilling industry. This Standard identifies the knowledge and essential skills in the teaching of well control corresponding to Drilling Operations personnel.
These regulations are designed to provide specific training and assessment for each of the competencies or roles of each job and are developed to ensure that individuals are better equipped to meet their well control responsibilities in the oil and gas industry. .
Considering that the Well Control certifications are mandatory so that anyone who is going to execute a position in the development of a well construction, RS DRILLING SCHOOL offers all its Technological Potential in Well Drilling Training.
We put at your disposal the proven experience of our team of national and international instructors. We are sure to support you in your process of CREATING VALUE and on your way to success