Nuestra Empresa

We are the most important International Institution in Training and Certification in Well Control - Well Control under the WellSharp and WellCap Regulations of the IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors) throughout Latin America. Our development has made us one of the leading schools worldwide in the issuance of Well Control Certifications.
We are present throughout Latin America, mainly in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico.
We provide the best combination between theory and practice in Well Control courses - Well Control. Additionally, participants receive experience in simulation practices, for this we have advanced First Generation simulation equipment in the different specialties -Perforation - Workover and Al Pozo Service.
With a select group of experienced, recognized and recognized instructors in the industry and certified by the IADC, RS DRILLING SCHOOL has designed different training programs that are new, comprehensive, updated and selected according to the needs they require in different areas of training. the oil industry and above all the Well Control - Well Control. Each course offered is scheduled to take place on different dates, cities in Argentina and Latin America, where you can make your best choice according to your needs and availability.
IN-HOUSE TRAINING: The staff of RS DRILLING SCHOOL offers In-House Certification mode training by IADC (Well Control, Pipe Paste, RigPass) adjusting the logistics according to the needs of the Client. (Preparation of digitized manuals, supports, work material, transfers and accommodation of the instructor and others, in accordance with what is required for the execution of the program in the city, municipality or facilities that the client defines).